All 2024 Stock Splits - Stock Analysis (2024)

May 21, 2024SCNIScinai Immunotherapeutics Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 May 20, 2024OPGNOpgen IncReverse1 for 10 May 20, 2024GCTKGlucotrack IncReverse1 for 5 May 20, 2024BSFCBlue Star Foods CorpReverse1 for 50 May 17, 2024HSCSHeart Test Laboratories IncReverse1 for 100 May 17, 2024CTHRCharles & Colvard Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 May 16, 2024SEELSeelos Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 8 May 16, 2024ELWSEarlyworks Co Ltd.Reverse1 for 5 May 16, 2024DRMADermata Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 15 May 15, 2024BNRBurning Rock Biotech Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 May 14, 2024TIRXTian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd.Reverse1 for 5 May 14, 2024ADNAdvent Technologies Holdings IncReverse1 for 30 May 10, 2024ZHZhihu IncReverse1 for 6 May 9, 2024TBIOTelesis Bio IncReverse1 for 18 May 8, 2024IVPInspire Veterinary Partners IncReverse1 for 100 May 7, 2024SCCOSouthern Copper CorpForward1.01 for 1 May 6, 2024OLBOlb Group IncReverse1 for 10 May 6, 2024BZFDBuzzfeed IncReverse1 for 4 May 3, 2024YTENYield10 Bioscience IncReverse1 for 24 May 3, 2024AEZSAeterna Zentaris IncReverse1 for 4 May 2, 2024SGBXSafe & Green Holdings CorpReverse1 for 20 May 1, 2024VINOGaucho Group Holdings IncReverse1 for 10 May 1, 2024SOPASociety Pass IncorporatedReverse1 for 15 May 1, 2024RCONRecon Technology Ltd.Reverse1 for 18 Apr 29, 2024BKKTBakkt Holdings IncReverse1 for 25 Apr 26, 2024ZVSAZyversa Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 10 Apr 26, 2024ATXIAvenue Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 75.02 Apr 25, 2024XTKGX3 Holdings Co Ltd.Forward1.06 for 1 Apr 25, 2024APDNApplied Dna Sciences IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 24, 2024CDTXCidara Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 23, 2024ZAPPZapp Electric Vehicles Group Ltd.Reverse1 for 20 Apr 23, 2024PIRSPieris Pharmaceuticals IncReverse1 for 80 Apr 23, 2024MYSZMy Size IncReverse1 for 8 Apr 23, 2024BPTSYBiophytis SAReverse1 for 40 Apr 22, 2024WINTWindtree Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 18 Apr 22, 2024SMFLSmart For Life IncReverse1 for 7 Apr 19, 2024GSUNGolden Sun Health Technology Group Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 Apr 18, 2024GGBGerdau SAForward1.2 for 1 Apr 18, 2024BENFBeneficientReverse1 for 80 Apr 17, 2024SBFMSunshine Biopharma IncReverse1 for 100 Apr 16, 2024NCNANucana PLCReverse1 for 25 Apr 16, 2024LOARLoar Holdings IncForward377,450.98 for 1 Apr 15, 2024WISAWisa Technologies IncReverse1 for 149.93 Apr 15, 2024MRINMarin Software IncReverse1 for 6 Apr 15, 2024GRRRGorilla Technology Group IncReverse1 for 10 Apr 15, 2024FRPHFrp Holdings IncForward2 for 1 Apr 12, 2024MINft Ltd.Reverse1 for 50 Apr 12, 2024FLNTFluent IncReverse1 for 6 Apr 12, 2024EZGOEzgo Technologies Ltd.Reverse1 for 40 Apr 12, 2024CISSC3is IncReverse1 for 100 Apr 12, 2024AGENAgenus IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 11, 2024SMSISmith Micro Software IncReverse1 for 8 Apr 11, 2024BONBon Natural Life Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 Apr 10, 2024TCONTracon Pharmaceuticals IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 10, 2024NUTXNutex Health IncReverse1 for 15 Apr 9, 2024CTRICenturi Holdings IncForward742,575.21 for 1 Apr 9, 2024ALLRAllarity Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 8, 2024PALIPalisade Bio IncReverse1 for 15 Apr 5, 2024SNPXSynaptogenix IncReverse1 for 25 Apr 5, 2024RNACCartesian Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 30 Apr 5, 2024GLADGladstone Capital CorpReverse1 for 2 Apr 5, 2024EDBLEdible Garden Ag IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 4, 2024STKHSteakholder Foods Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 Apr 3, 2024UCARU Power Ltd.Reverse1 for 100 Apr 3, 2024RENTRent The Runway IncReverse1 for 20 Apr 2, 2024XXII22nd Century Group IncReverse1 for 16 Apr 2, 2024NRXPNrx Pharmaceuticals IncReverse1 for 10 Apr 2, 2024EMKREmcore CorpReverse1 for 10 Apr 2, 2024DCFCQTritium Dcfc Ltd.Reverse1 for 200 Apr 2, 2024AWINAerwins Technologies IncReverse1 for 100 Apr 1, 2024PLURPluri IncReverse1 for 8 Apr 1, 2024CTNMContineum Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 5.6 Mar 28, 2024ODFLOld Dominion Freight Line IncForward2 for 1 Mar 28, 2024DOYUDouyu International Holdings Ltd.Reverse1 for 10 Mar 27, 2024TPLTexas Pacific Land CorpForward3 for 1 Mar 27, 2024LGVNLongeveron IncReverse1 for 10 Mar 27, 2024GHIGreystone Housing Impact Investors LpForward1 for 1 Mar 27, 2024CTRMCastor Maritime IncReverse1 for 10 Mar 26, 2024QTTBQ32 Bio IncReverse1 for 18 Mar 25, 2024LINKInterlink Electronics IncForward1.5 for 1 Mar 25, 2024INTZIntrusion IncReverse1 for 20 Mar 22, 2024MLGOMicroalgo IncReverse1 for 10 Mar 22, 2024MBRXMoleculin Biotech IncReverse1 for 15 Mar 22, 2024LENZLenz Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 7 Mar 22, 2024BCANBynd Cannasoft Enterprises IncReverse1 for 190.11 Mar 22, 2024ATERAterian IncReverse1 for 12 Mar 21, 2024CSPICsp IncForward2 for 1 Mar 21, 2024BTTRBetter Choice Co IncReverse1 for 43.99 Mar 21, 2024ADVMAdverum Biotechnologies IncReverse1 for 10 Mar 19, 2024BOLDBoundless Bio IncReverse1 for 19.5 Mar 19, 2024AEVAAeva Technologies IncReverse1 for 5 Mar 18, 2024YSGYatsen Holding Ltd.Reverse1 for 5 Mar 15, 2024SERSerina Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 35.17 Mar 15, 2024LFWDLifeward Ltd.Reverse1 for 7 Mar 14, 2024OTLKOutlook Therapeutics IncReverse1 for 20 Mar 13, 2024XTIAXti Aerospace IncReverse1 for 100 Mar 13, 2024HPCOHempacco Co IncReverse1 for 10 Mar 11, 2024AFMDAffimed NvReverse1 for 10 Mar 8, 2024PGYPagaya Technologies Ltd.Reverse1 for 12 Mar 8, 2024GXAIGaxosai IncReverse1 for 12
All 2024 Stock Splits - Stock Analysis (2024)


What stocks have announced splits in 2024? ›

2024 Stock Splits
DateSymbolCompany Name
May 16, 2024ELWSEarlyworks Co Ltd.
May 16, 2024DRMADermata Therapeutics Inc
May 15, 2024BNRBurning Rock Biotech Ltd.
May 14, 2024TIRXTian Ruixiang Holdings Ltd.
89 more rows

What are the next big stock splits? ›

Upcoming and Recent Stock Splits
StockExchangeRatio Numerator
85 more rows

Do stock splits make stocks go up? ›

A stock split doesn't change the value of your investment. If you own the stock of a company that executes a stock split, the details of your position change, but the total value of your position does not. Here are the key things to know about stock splits.

How to find reverse split stocks? ›

If a company is required to file reports with the SEC, it may notify its shareholders of a reverse stock split in a number of ways, including on Forms 8-K, 10-Q or 10-K. Use the SEC's EDGAR search tools to view these reports.

What stock will boom in 2024? ›

Top growth stocks in 2024
Company3-Year Sales Growth CAGRIndustry
Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA)39%Semiconductors
Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX)7%Streaming entertainment
Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)10%E-commerce and cloud computing
Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)10%Digital advertising
6 more rows

How to check share split history? ›

You can go to site and view/search your desired stock. Under that stock page, you can check for dividends, split, bonus, agm etc links at the bottom of the page under corporate action section. This way you can find what you are looking for.

Has Costco stock split? ›

Costco hasn't split its stock in a while. Its last split came in January 2000, when the stock traded for a pre-split price of about $100.

Is a reverse split good? ›

Are reverse stock splits good or bad? All things equal, a reverse stock split is neither good nor bad and has no impact on the value of the total company. However, it often carries a negative connotation as many of the companies doing them are countering a sharp drop in their share price.

Why is Chipotle stock so high? ›

The burrito chain's valuation has steadily increased in recent years as investors recognize the business' superiority and industry leadership. Currently, the stock trades at a price-to-earnings ratio of 65, which is expensive for any stock, but especially for a relatively mature restaurant company.

Is it better to buy stock before or after a split? ›

Does it matter to buy before or after a stock split? If you buy a stock before it splits, you'll pay more per share than what it'll cost after it splits. If you're looking to buy into a stock at a cheaper price, you may want to wait until after the stock split.

Will Walmart stock split in 2024? ›

30, 2024 — Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) announced that it will conduct a split of its outstanding shares of common stock at a ratio of 3:1.

Is there a downside to stock splits? ›

Disadvantages of a Stock Split

A company cannot rely on a stock split to increase its value or market cap. A stock split divides the existing shares, thus keeping the market cap the same as before. Not to forget, a company must invest some amount to conduct a stock split.

What is the 1 for 70 reverse stock split? ›

The 1-for-70 reverse stock split will automatically combine and convert seventy current shares of the Common Stock into one issued and outstanding new share of Common Stock.

Should I sell my stock before a reverse split? ›

Selling before a reverse stock split is a good idea, but selling after the reverse stock split is not. Since you can sell before and after a reverse stock split, selling during one is optional. The main advantage of selling before the reverse stock split is that you don't have to wait around for it to happen.

Do stocks do well after a reverse split? ›

Stocks that go through reverse splits often see renewed selling pressure afterward, and the number of companies that emerge from reverse splits to produce strong long-term returns is small. The short answer to the question, "Is a reverse stock split good?," is that it depends on the circ*mstances.

Will CMG stock split in 2024? ›

Key Points. Nearly a dozen high-profile companies have enacted a forward-stock split since the midpoint of 2021. Walmart and Chipotle Mexican Grill have earned the spotlight since announcing or completing respective 3-for-1 and 50-for-1 forward splits in 2024.

Why are there no stock splits anymore? ›

One reason why there are fewer splits now than in 2000 has to do with the way retail investing has shifted. Back in 2000, broad-market index funds were relatively small factors and retail investors typically bought shares of individual companies.

When should I invest in stock splits? ›

Stock splits are generally done when the stock price of a company has risen so high that it might become an impediment to new investors. Therefore, a split is often the result of growth or the prospects of future growth, and it's a positive signal.

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