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Sticker Moments & Campaigns

Sticker Moments & Campaigns

April 7th 2020 ・ 10 min reading

Since enterprising ship’s captain Lorenzo Dow Baker purchased his first 160 bunches of bananas in Jamaica in 1870 and resold them in Jersey City 11 days later, Chiquita has become one of the world’s most beloved and famous banana brands.

Over the years, the Chiquita banana has been the shining star of many truly great global advertising campaigns. Like who can forget the lovely Miss Chiquita and her journey to being the iconic figure she is today? This fun, festive lady started life in 1944 as an animated banana – teaching consumers how to eat and use this exotic new arrival through her famous catchy jingle.

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Over time, people began to understand the nutritional benefits of bananas, and today our trusty yellow fingered friends are known the world over as one of the best superfoods. From the 1950s onwards, an extensive range of recipe books began to appear to showcase the banana in all its glory with hundreds of delicious banana recipes. Here at Chiquita, we’ve created dozens of healthy banana recipes, ourselves, helping spread the good word that bananas are not only healthy and delicious, but can be combined with a whole host of other ingredients to create really easy and healthy snacks.

As the years passed, the “First Lady of Fruit” came to life, with many models and celebrities starring in her role – and her smiling face has graced our world-famous Blue Stickers since 1963. A remarkable 70 year old in 2014, Miss Chiquita is as popular as ever, inspiring Charlotte Olympia’s “Let’s Go Bananas” fashion collection at London Fashion Week in 2017.

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Miss Chiquita Campaigns

For us, Chiquita has always represented fun, imagination and creativity. Some of our famous old campaigns are still remembered with great fondness today – like this humorous 1960s “Look for the Seal on the Peel” campaign featuring our iconic Blue Sticker on the foreheads of both children and adults alike!

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Our fun, creative campaigns around the globe have helped to make generations of banana lovers smile over the decades and reflect our “Playful by Nature” branding, while also helping people understand that bananas are not only delicious but great for your health too. What’s more, banana lovers have had loads of fun with our iconic Blue Stickers over the years, for example, taking the Blue Stickers off Chiquita bananas and putting them on some other yellow objects like tennis balls, t-shirts and hats.

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Other great campaigns from the past include the much-loved ‘Quite Possibly, the World’s Perfect Food’ campaign from the 1990s, which emphasized the convenience and energy-giving qualities of Chiquita bananas to help everyone, from kids to athletes, maintain an active lifestyle. People also have happy memories of our ‘Special Delivery Banana’ campaign from the 1960s, which explained the enormous care our pickers and packers took (and still take!) to bring bananas to you in perfect condition (even after a 2,200-mile journey over the ocean).

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Another great campaign from the 1960s took the bull (or rather the banana!) by the horn and unzipped the interesting question of why Chiquita is the best banana brand in the world. Asking ‘The Chiquita Banana – Is It Really Any Different?’, the campaign highlighted the enormous care we take with every Chiquita banana, from flower bud to shop – not to mention their very special taste. Then there was our classic 1960s ‘How to Read a Banana’ campaign, which took people through the fascinating ins and outs (and curves) of the Chiquita banana; from the lovely sugar spots of a fully ripe banana to how to tell if a banana was picked at the right time (we do). In the early days, we were teaching the world about how and why to eat bananas. Today, we’re highlighting some of our favorite banana recipes, both old and new!

Best Banana Recipes

5 minutes Chiquita banana Fudge S’mores Mug Cake

This delicious dessert is also a great snack for kids and cooks in the microwave in under five minutes. The recipe includes melted butter, crushed graham crackers, ripe Chiquita bananas, cacao powder, cinnamon, flour and marshmallows. A real recipe for indulgence!

Vegan ice cream with Chiquita banana scoops, matcha, kiwi and berries

Chiquita bananas have always been a really tasty and healthy snack, especially for vegans! This recipe showcases that great taste of creamy Chiquita bananas alongside a medley of other refreshing fruits – plus the ever antioxidizing matcha powder – for an ice cream that is as good for you as it is delicious!

Oatmeal Chiquita Banana Bread

Made with delicious, ripe Chiquita bananas, oatmeal, maple syrup and crunchy walnuts, this fluffy and mouth-wateringly moist banana bread is the perfect healthy snack for kids to give them long lasting energy throughout the day.

American Cuisine Banana Bread Oatmeal Chiquita banana bread 40min 4.8 (11)


We’ve promoted fun, active lifestyles since the 1980s, when we sponsored the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid that year, followed by major tennis tournaments and other sporting events. For example, we have offered continuous support for marathons like NYC, Miami, Athens and Disney including others around the globe helping both runners and spectators to keep their energy levels high by donating hundreds of thousands of Chiquita bananas. We also teamed up to implement a banana peel collection and recycling for that race season as a part of our commitment to leadership in environmental responsibility.

So, in all, you can see that over the decades Chiquita has been keen to help banana consumers to express their love for the world’s favorite fruit. Whether at work, home or play, we have always believed that the Chiquita banana should be a part of everyone’s life, bringing health, quality and taste to all.

#STAYHOME. Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Home.

Miss Chiquita

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Miss Chiquita and Historic Chiquita Moments | Chiquita (2024)


What is the Chiquita controversy? ›

A court in the United States has found multinational fruit company Chiquita Brands International liable for financing a Colombian paramilitary group. The group, the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC), was designated by the US as a terrorist organisation at the time.

How old is Miss Chiquita? ›

The company mascot "Miss Chiquita", now Chiquita Banana, was created in 1944 by Dik Browne, who is best known for drawing the popular comic strips Hi and Lois and Hägar the Horrible.

What is the meaning of the Chiquita Banana sticker? ›

For over 70 years, our Blue Stickers have been the seal of high-quality fruit, a celebration of fun, an iconic symbol, and also a way to tell our sustainability story through our “Behind the Blue Sticker” campaign. Throughout the year, you can find our limited edition Blue Sticker collection on our bananas.

What is the history of the Chiquita Banana song? ›

Chiquita Banana jingle

The song first hit the airwaves in 1944 when Miss Chiquita made her debut. The catchy tune was written to help teach Americans how to ripen and use bananas, which were, at the time, an exotic tropical fruit. The song was created by an ad agency team led by Robert Foreman.

What are the ethical issues with the Chiquita? ›

In addition to these completely egregious violations, United Fruit/Chiquita has been accused of a variety of horrendous crimes including, but not limited to, polluting the environment, the smuggling of drugs on its shipsiv, the bribing of government officialsv and the use of paramilitary organizations to intimidate ...

What is the crime of the Chiquita bananas? ›

A jury in South Florida has ruled that Chiquita Brands is liable for eight killings carried out by a right-wing paramilitary group that the company helped finance in a fertile banana-growing region of Colombia during the country's decades-long internal conflict.

Why is Chiquita so popular? ›

Why Chiquita? Chiquita is the #1 consumer preferred banana brand. Our research show that 96% of consumers around the world recognize Chiquita as a banana brand, and that consumers ranked Chiquita with the highest rates on confidence for taste, freshness, and quality.

Why did Chiquita change their logo? ›

In 1987, Pink Panther creater Oscar Grillo drew Miss Chiquita as an actual woman, a likeness currently used in the company's branding. “The change reflected the image the public had of Miss Chiquita as a real person,” the company says on its website.

What is the history of Miss Chiquita? ›

The character of Miss Chiquita originated in the 1940s as personified cartoon banana and evolved into a person, as depicted on this sticker, in the 1980s. Chiquita, corporation that traces its origins to the United Fruit Company, which was founded in 1899 to produce bananas.

What is a Chiquita slang? ›

If someone or something is physically small, people may also refer to them as chiquita. It's a common nickname meaning shorty, little girl, little lady, or small fry.

What does the banana emoji mean from a girl? ›

On social media, people may add the banana emoji to mark or emphasize content discussing sex or penises, especially when posting revealing selfies. Though sexual, the emoji often carries a playful or humorous tone. Other uses of the banana emoji are more innocent.

What does the name Chiquita mean in English? ›

a female given name: from a Spanish word meaning “small.”

What is the lawsuit against Chiquita banana? ›

After winning a historic lawsuit, nine victims of paramilitary violence in Colombia have finally obtained justice, 17 years after they filed cases against the banana company Chiquita Brands International for financing the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, or AUC, paramilitary group.

What is the Chiquita banana company scandal? ›

A federal jury in Florida says the fruit giant Chiquita Brands is liable for killings between 1997 and 2004 by a Colombian right-wing paramilitary group that the company gave millions of dollars — even after the U.S. government designated the group as a foreign terrorist organization.

What is the old name for Chiquita? ›

Founded in the late 19th century, Chiquita was known first as the United Fruit Company and was reviled in some corners as the creator and perpetuator of "banana republics." Beginning in the 1950s, the company began diversifying widely, while repairing its image, and eventually became the United Brands Company in 1970 ...

What is the lawsuit against the Chiquita bananas? ›

Following 17 years of legal proceedings, victims of paramilitary violence in Colombia have obtained justice, as a jury found the banana company Chiquita Brands International liable for financing the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) paramilitary group.

Does Chiquita use child labor? ›

Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole, Favorita, and Noboa have all, at some time, been supplied by plantations on which children labored, with more than 70 percent of the children interviewed saying they had worked on plantations that almost exclusively supply Dole.

What happened to the Chiquita Banana Company? ›

In 2024 a jury in Florida found Chiquita liable for the militia's actions and ordered the company to pay $38.3 million to families of people killed by the militia. Since a merger completed in 2015, Chiquita as a corporate entity has been based in Switzerland and has operated its banana division from Florida.

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