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About De Correspondent

De Correspondent is one of the fastest-growing journalism platforms in the Netherlands. With over 65,000 members, we represent a new kind of journalism that doesn't follow media hype but produces in-depth stories that help our readers to better understand the world.

Our journalists, called 'correspondents', write about the themes that define our time: from climate change to the future of healthcare, and from migration to consumerism. Their goal is to provide the news with context.

De Correspondent is independent, privacy-friendly, and completely ad-free. You can find who currently writes for De Correspondent in our colophon (Dutch).

Origin and manifesto

De Correspondent launched on after a successful crowdfunding campaign, which saw more than 18,000 members join.

De Correspondent is based on ten key principles. These principles articulate what we stand for and strive for, in terms of our journalism and the way we view the world. You can find these principles in our manifesto. You can also find our manifesto in Dutch.


In 2014, we published our first book: Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman. Ever since, we yearly release four to six books on the biggest themes of our time, which have been translated into more than one hundred languages.

Our books not only demonstrate what goes wrong in the world, but also try to show the way forward. In doing so, we actively pursue our ideals: to offer sustainable and accessible books on the most important topics of our time, and to provide our authors with the best possible conditions.

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This includes the following international bestsellers:
  • Humankind by Rutger Bregman

    Human beings, we're taught, are selfish by nature. But what if we were wrong? Rutger Bregman rewrites history - and sheds a new light on our future.

    • Humankind has been translated into 46 languages, sold over 1,5 million copies worldwide.
    • It was a New York Times Bestseller, Spiegel Bestseller, Sunday Times Bestseller and was one of the best selling Dutch books for three years.
    • One of the stories from the book, about the 'real Lord of the Flies', will be made into a movie by New Regency, the Hollywood studio behind 12 Years a Slave.
    • The documentary rights have been sold to the independent studio Media Res.
  • The Number Bias by Sanne Blauw

    Whether it's election polls or the number of infections during an epidemic - numbers are everywhere and have a big influence on our lives. Sanne Blauw writes a history of the (sometimes deliberate) misuse of numbers.

    • The book has been translated into 14 languages and was called 'sharp and funny' in The Guardian.
  • Second Thoughts by Lynn Berger

    What's it like to have a child when you already have one? And what does it mean to be second in a world that revolves around the first? An indispensable book for anyone who is having a second child, who is a second child or knows one.

    • It has been published in the United Kingdom and the United States, and an excerpt was published in TIME Magazine.
  • How Are We Going To Explain This by Jelmer Mommers

    Climate change threatens everything we hold dear. But we are not as powerless as many think: we can turn the tide and write our own future.

    • Jelmer Mommers is known for his investigative journalism and worldwide scoop about the oil company Shell, which you can read in The Guardian.
  • In Light-Years There's No Hurry by Marjolijn van Heemstra

    We often feel short of space: space in our calendars, in our heads, in our lives. But what if we look at existence from the greatest distance imaginable?

    • In Light-Years, according to novelist Jenny Offill, is a "lovely, lyrical book about the search for signs of life in these perilous times."
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Click here to find a list of all our book translations
  • Second Thoughts - Lynn Berger

    UK (September Books), US(Henry Holt)

  • The Number Bias - Sanne Blauw

    UK (Sceptre (Hachette)), Chinese (United Sky New Media Company), Czech (Host), German (DVA), Greek (Alexandria Publications), Italian (Garzanti), Japanse (Sunmark Publishing), Korean (Gilbut Publishing Co. Ltd.), Arabic (Lebanon) (Arab Scientific Publishers), Polish (Znak), Portuguese (Bertrand), Russian (Azbooka), Taiwanese (Business Today Publisher), Turkish (Alef Kitap).

  • Humankind - Rutger Bregman

    UK (Bloomsbury), US (Little, Brown), Albanian (Botime Koliqi), Armenian (Vernatun Media LLC), Bulgarian (Millenium), Chinese (Cheers), Croatian (Ljevak Naklada), Czech (Argo), Danish (People's Press), Arabic (Egypt) (Dar Altanweer), Estonian (Varrak Publishers Limited), Finnish (Atena), French (Editions du Seuil), German (Rowohlt), Greek (Klidarithmos), Gujarati, Hindi, Malayam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu (India) (Manjul Publishing House), Hungarian (HVG), Indonesian (Gramedia Pustaka Utama), Hebrew (Penn Publishing), Italian (Feltrinelli), Japanese (Bungei Shunju), Korean (Influential Inc.), Lithuanian (Tyto Alba Publishing), Norwegian (Spartacus), Polish (Wydawnictwo Publicat), Portuguese (Bertrant), Portuguese (Brazil) (Editora Planeta do Brazil), Romanian (Litera), Russian (Sinbad Books), Serbian (Laguna Publishing House), Slovak (N Press), Slovene (Vida), Spanish (Anagrama), Catalan (Grup 62), Sinhalese (Subhavi Publishers), Swedish (Natur och kultur), Taiwanese (Chinese Times Publishing Company), Thai (Biblio Publishing), Turkish (Can Yayinlari), Ukrainian (Laboratory Publishers), Vietnamese (Tan Viet Books).

  • Utopia For realists - Rutger Bregman

    UK (Bloomsbury), US (Little, Brown), Albanian (Minerva), Azerbaijani (Teas Press), Bulgarian (Millenium), Chinese (Citic Press), Croatian (Ljevak Naklada), Czech (Limassol), Danish (Artpeople), Estonian (Tammerraamat), Finnish (Atena), French (Editions du Seuil), German (Rowohlt), Greek (Psichogios), Hungarian (Cser Kft.), Icelandic (Skrudda), Italian (Feltrinelli), Hebrew (Radical Publishing House), Japanese (Bungeishunju), Korean (Gimm-Young Co.), Lithuanian (Vaga Publishers), Norwegian (Spartacus), Polish (Czarna Owca), Portuguese (Bertrand), Portuguese (Brazil) (GMT Editores LTDA), Romanian (Grup Media Litera), Russian (Alpina Publisher), Serbian (Dereta), Slovak (N Press), Spanish (Salamandra), Catalan (Grup 62), Swedish (Natur och kultur), Taiwanese (Locus Publishing Company), Turkish (Domingo Publishing), Ukrainian (NF LLC), Vietnamese (Tan Viet Books).

  • In Light-Years There's No Hurry - Marjolijn van Heemstra

    UK & US (W.W. Norton & Company), Korean (Dolbegae Publishers).

  • How Are We Going To Explain This - Jelmer Mommers

    UK (Profile Books), US (Scribner).

  • Movement - Thalia Verkade en Marco te Brömmelstroet

    UK (Scribe), US (Island Press), Portuguese (Brazilian) (Perspectiva), German (Marmota Maps).

Our books not only demonstrate what goes wrong in the world, but also try to show the way forward. In doing so, we actively pursue our ideals: to offer sustainable and accessible books on the most important topics of our time, and to provide our authors with the best possible conditions.

The publishing team consists of Milou Klein Lankhorst (publisher), Andreas Jonkers (editor and PR), Channa van Dijk (translation rights and finance), Anna de Roest (campaign manager), Anne Strunk (literary agent), and Jessica Sies (publishing assistant).

Translation rights

Are you interested in publishing or translating one of our titles? Please get in touch with Anne Strunk via anne@decorrespondent.nl.

About us - De Correspondent (6)

About us - De Correspondent (2024)
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